Characters Edit

  • Phineas Fly
  • Phin
  • Phin's Infernape
  • Phin's Torterra
  • Phin's Empoleon
  • Phineas's Pikachu (random)

Chapter 1: The Void Edit

It was a sunny day. Phin was walking through the sunny pasture next to his house. He absolutely loved Floaroma Town. It wasn't his favorite town but he loved it anyways. He was in training to run the flower shop. The only problem was that Chimera could hurt his flowers while Terra and Aqua were fine.

[Note: Chimera (INFERNAPE), Terra (TORTERRA), and Aqua (EMPOLEON)]

"Let's try it again!" Phin said.

"Terra!" Torterra shouted as he leaned down and used Razor Leaf to plow the ground.

Phin gently planted the seed into the ground. It was Aqua's turn. Terra raised his tree in front of Aqua so when Aqua used Water Gun, it gently misted the plants.

"Nice job!" Phin said.

"Infer . . .*sighs* nape." Chimera said sadly

"You still get to start the bonfire for the celebratory Harvest Moon Festival, Chimera." Phin said.

"Pole . . ." Empoleon sighed.

"Guys, just because Chimera can't help garden doesn't mean he isn't useful!"

The sky turned a sickening shade of red. Chimera, Aqua, and Terra raised their heads to the sky. A black portal opened up. Before humans inhabited the region a hole would appear and suck up Pokémon. It was happening today for the first time in 1,000,000 years!

"TORTERRRAAA!!!" Terra screamed and ran away.

"EMPOLEEEEEOOONNN!!!" Aqua ran off after him.

"Terra, Aqua, stop!" Phin yelled.

The suction began and it sucked up Terra and Aqua. It then it took up Chimera! Phin grabbed on to his feet.

Chapter 2: Danville Edit

To be written. Wiki