Characters Edit

  • Aang the White Puffle (Southern Air Nomads - Airbender; Avatar)
  • Sokka the Blue Puffle (Water Tribe - Nothing)
  • Katara the Pink Puffle (Water Tribe - Waterbender)
  • Zuko the Black Puffle (Fire Nation - Firebender)
  • Iroh the Grey Puffle (Fire Nation - Firebender)

Past Avatars Edit

  • Roku the Black Puffle (Fire Nation; Avatar)
  • Kyoshi the Brown Puffle (Earth Kingdom; Avatar)

Chapter 1: The Mountainous Secret Edit

Katara and Sokka left their igloo and went out to find food. It had been quite some time since they had seen their father. He had left to fight the war against the Fire Nation and their mother had been killed. They were under the care of their gran-gran or were they caring for her? Sokka couldn't bend water but Katara could. Their mother was taken because she could bend water so Katara had to hide her powers.

"Sokka, are those tracks?" Katara asked.

"No, Katara." Sokka sighed.

Katara ran ahead of Sokka. When she did she tripped and uncovered something under the snowy-ice. It was like a big bubble. In it she saw a boy. She grabbed Sokka's boomerang and started banging on the ice. When it broke they ran, they thought it would attract the Fire Nation. Once it was up they banged on it again until the boy was freed. He was unconscious but they took him back to the tribe.

"Who is that?" Gran-Gran asked.

"We found him trapped in the ice." Katara said.

"The ice . . ." Gran-Gran hesitated.

"I told her not to free him. I thought he was fire nation." Sokka said.

"See those marks? It means he's an airbender!" Gran-Gran said.

"Didn't they go extinct 100 years ago?" Katara asked.

It started snowing black. They were coming.

Chapter 2: Where's the Avatar? Edit