This is the crossover where Zim and Phineas and Ferb meet for the first time and Candace and Dib team up to bust them. Gaz also hangs out with Vanessa and attempts to buy a Nintendo DSi XL.

Chapter 1: The Relocation Of DoomEdit

One day Zim and Gir were sitting in Zim's base out of their disguises.

Zim types something into a laptop. He frowns but suddenly smiles.

"Gir," he says "We're relocating. We're going to cause our doom in someplace called . . . let's see here. Ah. Danville."

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" screams Gir as he runs around clutching a rubber pig.

Zim rolls his eyes and gets up from the couch.

"Come on, Gir. We need to get in our disguises."

They pulled them on and walked out the door. Zim used a small device from his PAK to pack up the house.